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Contract negotiations between the City of Berkeley and BARGAINING UNIT SEIU 1021, which represents about one-third of the city`s workforce, continued in public this week. SEIU Local 1021 is a diverse, member-led organization whose members work to make our cities, schools, colleges, counties and special districts safe and healthy places to live and educate our families. We take care of our patients, educate our children, clean our schools and take care of our elders and people with intellectual disabilities. The bargaining team recommends a YES to this preliminary agreement. During the negotiations, we lobbied SFMTA to invest in its employees and the services we provide to our communities. Our bargaining power was strengthened when we joined workers in other municipal unions to make this interim agreement a reality. We fought for a fair contract for our members at the bargaining table and remained united in the streets. This year, for the first time in the history of the city that everyone remembers, SEIU 1021 asked the city to make the contract negotiations available to the public. Typically, these discussions take place behind closed doors and participation is limited. After several weeks of deliberation, the City accepted the union`s motion and held the first open bargaining meeting in mid-June.

SEIU 1021 employees and executives are working hard to protect your health at work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to find employer-specific information, details and documents to learn more about what is happening on your construction site during this outbreak. Employees in the City of Berkeley have campaigned for better wages and benefits for workers who are part of SEIU Local 1021 in recent weeks. We have reached a preliminary agreement with the City and County of San Francisco. Our campaign for a fair contract has resulted in the largest increases in the last 15 years. The bargaining team recommends a YES to this preliminary agreement. Phone: 415-239-3920Fax: 415-239-3892E-mail: seiu1021@ccsf.edu The City`s contract with the union expired at the end of June, but the two parties continued to work on an agreement. Each week, we will introduce everyday heroes: SEIU 1021 members who care for our sick and elderly, educate our children, move our cities moving, and make the courts work for everyone. Many of these complaints were made at a recent city council meeting, just before officials voted to increase Sloan Sakai`s contract from $450,000 to $665,000. The company conducts negotiations between the city and seven of its bargaining units, which represent the majority of the city`s workforce.

Calling all city and county workers, nurses, courts, housing authorities and nonprofit workers united in SEIU 1021! Our strength lies in our unity and willingness to act in the fight for our rights, fair contracts and the services we provide to the communities of San Francisco. Join other SEIU 1021 members who work to promote the rights of working families through class actions. Don`t miss the launch of our SF CAT (Contract Action Team). The TAC team is leading the battle for victory at the negotiating table. The proposals and associated costs have been postponed several times since negotiations began a few months ago, but as of Monday, it was mainly about the timing of the proposed wage increases and whether they will be inflation-related; whether it is a two-year contract or a three-year contract; and how much urban workers hired since 2013 have to contribute to their pension funds. Dozens and dozens of these employees showed up at public rallies to urge city officials to incorporate cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) into the contract so that salaries keep pace with inflation, as it works for city council salaries; providing benefits to part-time city employees; and reducing the amount that new workers have to pay to their pensions. Please log in to the Member Resource Center: 1-877-687-1021 The chapter – the Berkeley SEIU Local 1021 Community Services Section/PTRLA – represents approximately 500 of the city`s approximately 1,400 workers. Members include librarians, planners, seniors services, mental health and homelessness team members, recreation workers, board staff, and IT staff. In recent weeks, SEIU 1021 members have also called on the city to conduct internal negotiations and fire its external negotiator Dania Torres Wong from Sloan Sakai Yeung & Wong LLP because workers are unwilling to find a fair solution to the union`s proposals. At least one of these unions, Local 1 of the Union of Public Service Employees, has been without a contract since June 2020 and signaled at a public meeting Thursday that it may have to declare an impasse and possibly a strike. On Monday, January 21, thousands of people are expected across the country to commemorate civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. In San Francisco, city and county workers will join the march to honor Dr.

King`s legacy and continue his fight for justice for all. WHAT: Eradicate racism March HOUR: See you at 10 .m. After the san Francisco Municipal Transit Agency (SFMTA) director was fired, hundreds of SFMTA workers demonstrated outside the struggling agency`s headquarters to call on SF Breed`s administrators and mayor to resolve issues and choose a candidate who understands the concerns of frontline workers and drivers. The union asked for an increase in the first year that was in line with the Bay Region`s CPI (with a cap of 3.8%), followed by an increase that also matched the following year`s CPI, with a cap of 3.2%. Workers have determined that City Council wages are tied to inflation and that workers` wages should be because workers in the San Francisco Bay Area have been excluded. . On Friday, the City of Berkeleyside said negotiations with the workers took place in good faith, adding that “our employees should be treated fairly and paid on the basis of comparable compensation plans for public employees in the area.” View lists of current job openings in the City and County of San Francisco, including available jobs, pay rates, job descriptions, and the application process. Vice President: Karl Gamarra Public Safetykgamarra@ccsf.edu When it comes to salaries, the city offers a 4% increase in the first year, followed by 3% and 1% in subsequent years.

. During the negotiations, we lobbied the City to invest in its employees and the services we provide to our communities. We knew our salaries had to keep up with the cost of living in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we won! At the time of their remarks, the union`s package was estimated at $26 million over two years, according to the city, compared to the city`s $13 million package over three years. The parties have thus come closer together through their July talks. But there is still a lot of work to be done. The union section represents nearly 500 of the city`s approximately 1,400 workers. These include librarians, planners, seniors` services, members of the mental health and homelessness team, board workers and IT staff, among many other community services and PMRTP staff. “When I found out that I would be working at City Hall after completing a guard training program, I was really happy. I never thought I`d be able to work in a place like this – San Francisco City Hall.

Williams-Ridley also pointed out that the current pension contract for new workers is something the union agreed to as part of collective bargaining in 2015 – motivated by changes to the state-level pension system – in exchange for 5.58% “compensation” for wage increases. The city has not demanded this compensation, she said, even with the proposed reduction in pension contributions over the next six years. “We really feel like we`re in tune with the community,” Chin said. “That`s what you do: you give access to the community.” Many also said they were frustrated with a two-tier system that forces new workers to pay twice as much dollars into their pensions as the state requires. It`s demoralizing to do the same job as a long-term employee, they said, but to bring home much less pay. The union says Berkeley has set the bar much higher than other cities when it comes to the portion of their paychecks that will be diverted to pensions, and that the city should adjust that amount to reduce the burden on employees. This negotiating approach provides a rare opportunity for the public to see how both sides review each other`s proposals and work to reach an agreement. In a city as absurdly rich as San Francisco, there is no reason to leave thousands of families behind. The city is experiencing unprecedented wealth. Last year alone, the city`s revenues amounted to more than $10 billion.

In recent months, the union has urged the city to take the unusual step of making collective bargaining accessible to the public. In response, the city created a website where it published many of the documents discussed, as well as links to most of the Zoom trading sessions, the next of which began Tuesday afternoon. Chair:Athena Steff Visual Media Designinkbead2@msn.com The negotiating team recommends a YES to this agreement in principle. .